1. `Pre-release`

    User profiles now have feeds. Feed format: ``

    The URL has the following, optional, query parameters:
    - `page`: The page to fetch
    - `per`: The number of items per page.

    The feed includes pagination links to aid crawlers which can automatically crawl to fetch past content from feeds.
  2. `Pre-release`

    - Updated views to use a new, faster, more flexible rendering engine.
  3. `Pre-release`

    - Fixed user avatars appearing incorrectly on some pages.

    - Updated layout for `New Post` page.

    - Added suggestions and recommendations on the `New Post` page for uploading your work.

    - Implements pagination for the home feeds

    - Added Opengraph tags to web pages where applicable.
  4. `Pre-release`

    - Added an [/about]( page.
  5. `Pre-release`

    - Added **Activity** popup to the header navigation.
    - shows list of activity log items enacted on your account.
    - links to posts for activity
    - links to profiles to follows

    - Tweaked styles for anchor elements in menu popups